You are most welcome, to this site; my homage to Blue Planet Corporation, and the great man behind that label, Gabriel Masurel.

    And who is he, you might ask. Well, he is French, and for the past decade, he has produced some of the best electronical music to be found on this planet.
    It all started back in 1993, with the single 'Overbloody Flood', and what followed was a string of first-rate trance tracks. And this was back in the early and mid-nineties, when trance was the way it was supposed to be, before it was turned into something grose towards the end of that decade.
    His goa-work culminated with the release of the album 'Blue Planet' in 1998/99, the best techno album EVER released. Reviewers will tell you that throne belongs to Leftfield's 'Leftism', but believe me, that is only because most commercial reviewers have never heard of BPC. On this album you begin to hear Masurel's desire to delve into other genres as well, so it's much more than just a techno compilation; it is the ultimate electronica album.

    Since 'Blue Planet', no new album has appeared, but a lot of tracks on other compilations have, some killer dance floor tracks, others that will take you to distant places. His two latest, 'Mangrove' from last year, and 'Stalker'from this February, are clearly ambient inspired, and unlike anything else out there. Gabriel Masurel's music has always moved though distinctive, multi-layered soundscapes, and this only gets more apparent with his newer releases.
    And, I might add, his music keeps getting better.

    Another distinctive thing about Gabriel Masurel, is that he is absurdly unexposed on the net. Hardly any information can be found about Blue Planet Corporation anywhere. Few people (at least relatively) have heard of BPC, but ALL that have, LOVE the music.
    So, I made this site, to try to boost the worlds knowledge and appreciation of some of the best music in the world. If you want to see a complete listing of all that is released from Blue Planet Corporation, follow this link. This list get frequently updated, so you can use it to keep track of BPC's music. Also, I've added some short samples from a few tracks below. It should be enough to give you a taste for the great music that is Blue Planet Corporation.

Alidate          Blue Pill
Cargo Cult          Digital Forward
Generator          Juno Satellite
Lubiantia          Mangrove
Roma          Stalker

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