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     The Homecoming

    Branyr gazed around the room. It was small, though the ceiling was quite high. Bookshelves lined the three inner walls, by the east one a small, round table and a couple of simple chairs stood, under a narrow window. Next to the table there was a large chest. He crossed the chamber and opened the shutters. Peering out, he saw the valley stretching off southward into the distance. To the north, the mountains lay in deep shadow, the sun having just set behind the peaks. Setting the lantern down onto the table, he turned his attention back to the room.
    There was little dust about, yet something about the chamber made it feel long deserted, like the rest of the tower. He pulled out a book and flipped through its pages, but it was written in a language unknown to him. Another volume had a lot of drawings in it, but both their and the text's meaning eluded him.
    He turned his attention to the chest on the floor. It was massive, almost two yards long. He tried the lid, and found it to be unlocked. Inside there was cloth of various types, but little else it seemed. He was about to close the lid again when a gleam of metal caught his eye. He cleared away a layer of fabrics, and found a sword. It was large, almost 5 feet long. The furrowed, double-edged blade had an almost unnatural gleam about it. The handguard was wide, and looked to be wrought of some material other than metal. At the end of the two-handed hilt, a large jewel sat in a frame of that same material. He picked up the blade, finding it to be very light, and perfectly balanced. Holding the sword close to the lantern, he studied the handguard and pommel. The material looked like bone of some kind. He moved the blade away from the light again, and the large jewel caught his attention. It seemed alive somehow, like a pulsating glow that could not be seen directly, only spotted from the corner of one's eye. He put his hand on it, and it felt warm to the touch.
    A shudder ran down his spine. He felt a cold draft coming from the north wall. He looked up, but saw only books.