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Latest update: 02.08.2008

    What is the Amerelium?
    It began as a mere thought. A brief image flashing before my eyes, one hot summer day, a long time ago. It evolved into a dream, of places strange yet familiar, inhabited by all manner of creature, and where something significant was about to take place. As the images grow in numbers and clarity, it has become a work in progress, an exploration into my own mind, a journey into my deepest thoughts. Where it will all end, I do not know. One thing I am certain of though, is that I must continue on the path, and see where it takes me...


    20.12.04: Been doing some major redesigning of the website these past few nights. Mayhap it will inspire me to do some more writing. Like the protagonist, I am somewhat stuck in limbo; unsure of where to go next...

    17.07.05: Over the past few months I've slowly found my way again, the path ahead becoming clearer by the day. The work continues...

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